Experienced Manpower, Effective Solutions.

BIM Crew Resources (formerly known as Revit Crew Resources) is providing multidisciplinary 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) services and supplier of professional skilled B.I.M Technologist manpower since 2018.


A Leading Building Information Modelling in Malaysia

BIM Crew Resources is a professional company offering experienced and qualified manpower in Building Information Modelling (B.I.M). We help organizations as well as companies to materialize their ambition in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Our fast modelling delivery with affordable price has proven to improve cost efficiency for project deliverable between stakeholders.  

Why Are We Relevant?

As Building Information Modelling has become vital throughout the AEC industries, the adoption of BIM has become one of the requirements for project deliveries. The application of BIM to satisfy project objective were different for every project involved.

Due to the uneven application of BIM and long period of time required to master it, many companies lack in-house talent to successfully integrate BIM into their service offerings. 

Other than that, those companies that have developed BIM teams may find themselves having trouble to keep employee or BIM’s personnel that not suit to the task due to new BIM obligation.  

Outsourcing can be a winning strategy to add more projects as desired without jeopardizing headcount or revenue.




Our company are aiming to give the best solution to all our clients. We come out with several services in order to cater clients' needs by providing one-stop BIM solution. 

Converting CAD to BIM Model

Our company has the expertise to create detailed and accurate BIM Models from PDF, images, sketches, 2D or 3D. We are able to deliver efficiently any CAD to BIM Model as per requested by clients accordingly.

Extracting 2D Drawing from Revit Model

Our company is also providing service extracting 2D drawing from Revit Model. This could help increase the productivity and save lot of time instead of rework the CAD designs.

BIM Skillful Manpower Supplier 

BIM Crew Resources is also supply know-how experts in BIM industry to help our clients in building high-rise such as skyscrapers, condominium, commercial buildings and many more. 

We are the leading and first Building Information Modelling company in Malaysia.

Develop BIM Execution Plan (BEP)/(BPEP)

 The success of BIM project is depend on how the development of execution plan. Here in BIM Crew Resources, we help our clients by developing a functional and successful execution plan before and after the projects start.

Checker for Revit Model

BIM Crew Resources uses the updated software to help checking and auditing a model and its parameter data. It is important to see if the model is well-structured before proceed to the actual building. 

Producing Clash Report

Our professionals are also able to produce clash reports in order to update on problem-solving from time to time. Clash reports are important to ensure any projects are on the right track to be build. 


We Provide Astonishing Performance of BIM Personnel with Affordable Price.